Operation Rolling Thunder 2020

Sun May 24th, 2020

5 Flags Speedway

Join Rare Air as we cheer on and salute Hundreds of Bikers as they Cruise down Pine Forest Rd on their way to The Wall South. This is one heck of a Patriotic display and it happens every year at this time. Rare Air will set up along side of Five Flags Speedway and give support to literally Hundreds of Motorcycles and their riders as they cruise by. Bring some small American Flags and lets get as many VWs staged up as possible. Meet at the entrance of 5 Flags Speedway at 11 am. The parade of Bikes come by around noon. This is a very impressive and patriotic event and one that you will not forget. Open to everyone ...Lunch Will be served...Hot Dogs, Sodas , Water and Chips ...bring a desert.. Let's do this..

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